Monday, February 18, 2019

Living the Metaphysical Life

People seem to have misconceptions about what it is like to live as a psychic. Yes, I have a wonderful connection to my angels and guides. They provide the guidance that I give my clients. They helped me create my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be

I have met many interesting people and have been able to help people. But, I can tell you that, in most ways, my life looks no different than the life of anyone who is not blessed to be working with the metaphysical world.

No, I don't read people's minds as people occasionally ask. I don't think that I have a met a psychic yet who does. I have no clue how the magician/mind readers do what they do.

I don't have special powers. Someone actually asked me that once. I am able to open myself to the knowledge coming in. But, it took a lot of practice of doing my method, automatic writing, over and over again. It took being brave and doing readings for people. In other words, it took doing what all humans do when they learn a new skill or trade.

I still get colds (I have one as I write this). I've had surgery. I make mistakes. I have to clean house, go to the grocery store and return books to the library. My parents died 7 & a half days apart. Grief happened. 

You probably wouldn't know what I do if you just looked at me. I don't know that I would have guessed that the people that I have met were psychics unless I was told. We look just like anyone else. 

Life is interesting and sometimes wacky living a metaphysical life, but ordinary things don't necessarily magically happen. We still have to work at living -- and hopefully play as well.

Being connected to angels and guides does not prevent human life from happening. It just means that I am able find out about what guidance they want to give my clients.

My role in all this is to open myself to them. It doesn't work well if I close down. (Of course, it doesn't work well if the client is closed down either.)

All this happened slowly over time so that living the metaphysical life just seems ordinary to me.


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Monday, February 11, 2019

Into the Silence

I have been, extremely slowly, writing a book which is titled Into the Silence. It started out to be solely poems based in my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. (Find out more about it here.) 

I then decided to write some new brief essays based on the book as well. I've also decided to post what I write on the blog. It most likely will be slowly and overtime. So, here's the Proglogue: 

Into the Silence


Into the Silence is going into the heart of things. It is not silence as people define silence. It is not the lack of sound, chatter, conversation. It is that place within each of us where we can connect our heart centers with the heart of the universe.

It came to me in meditation that possibly what I am talking about here could be named The Great Silence, the breathing, “silent” heart of everything. It also occurred to me that there are different types or kinds of silence. There is human silence, where we don’t say anything. There is the silence inside of us where it is possible to hide away things that we don’t want to see or think about. I saw an image during this same meditation where I was extremely overweight and was saying Nooooo to losing more weight. (I have had a weight issue on and off since I was about 8 or 9 years old.) I was able to talk to this piece of myself about how I/we didn’t need to hide anything behind weight anymore.

Yes, silence as humans define it can help us enter into The Great Silence (“the Silence”). But, I believe that you can reach the Silence through ecstatic dance and through practices such as chanting, drumming and Kirtan (a Hindu practice involving call and response singing). We can engage with silence through many means. Sara Maitland in her book, The Book of Silence, writes about the different ways that she engaged with silence as she began to crave silence more and more. Silence can be found by being alone on an island and not talking with anyone. It can be found in Quaker meeting, by sitting on a rock on a hillside. But, is this engaging with the Silence? Possibly. I believe entering into the Silence can have different gateways for everyone. I like the term gateway that I read about in Sally Kempton’s book, Meditation for the Love of It. She says that everyone has a different gateway for entering into meditation, and that, in fact, it can vary for someone over time what that gateway is.

We can also engage with the Silence in different ways, or possibly it would be better to describe it entering into it to different levels. I can almost see the Silence as a territory such that we can circumnavigate it. We can tap lightly on its border or step shyly past it. Or, when we feel bold we can plunge deeply into it. Sometimes it happens when you aren’t even thinking about the Silence. I have had meditations where I have “woken” up wondering where I have been.

I confess that I sometimes enter into the Silence, yet many times I don’t. I know that many could be asking how can I, then, write a book about entering the Silence? This book arises out of my previous book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. That is a book that contains meditation sayings on photographs of plants in part 1, expanded text on those sayings in Part 2, and some exercises you can do in Part 3 of the book. Much, if not all, of Opening the Heart was channeled from my angels and guides.

This book has been, in a sense, brewing for a number of years. A number of people in the metaphysical business have looked at me and told me that I have one or more books to write. I mentioned to one of them, Patti Pingree, that I was writing poems based on the meditation images. She gifted me with the title Into the Silence.

I originally thought that this book would only be poetry. But, I was gifted with the idea just before I started writing this book that it should be new “essays” on the meditation sayings as well as the poetry. This is how the form of the book came into being. It is also, to a great extent, inspired by or channeled from my angels and guides. And, that’s how someone who is not a master at meditation comes to write this book.

I hope that it helps you on your journey. 

©2019 Kathryn Samuelson

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday Morning Haiku

I had a yen to write some haiku this morning. Here they are: 

Monday morning is 
full of tedium and is
something joyous too.


It is enough to have 
a to do list for Monday.
It needn't be more.


Monday inevitably
becomes Tuesday with its own
list of things to do.


I find that Monday
has room for laughter and  joy;
it's not just monotony.

Yes, I know that they are just off the cuff but sometimes it's good to do something when the creative mood strikes.


All 4 poems ©2019 Kathryn Samuelson

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Monday, January 28, 2019

I Have Hope for a More Beautiful World

The world seems so crazy right now with all that's going on at home and across the world. It's as if a boil has been lanced and all the "pus" is coming out. I keep saying to myself that you can't cure a boil unless you lance it. I say to myself that growth and transformation arise out of chaos, and I feel the chaos swirling around everywhere. And, yet at the same time, I feel a connection to calmness, to growth, to people living their lives while helping themselves and others.

I can feel the love that exists in the world if I let myself, if I don't become too caught up in other people's stuff, drama, anxiety, and fear. One thing that I do is seek out "good" or interesting news. I subscribe to The Optimist Daily. Sometimes I just read the blurb for each story, sometimes I read the whole story. Just this morning they had these 4 stories:

- a 96 year old scientist is researching a way to revolutionize harnessing solar energy

- Italian scientists have found a way to create a new form of bioplastic from olive seeds. 

- Germany is set to become coal free by 2038 and

- major food and personal care product companies have created a platform to use reusable containers that can be returned, sterilized and then reused

This means to me that, despite all the problems of the world, people and companies aren't paralyzed by all the fear and anger out there. Companies are becoming what are called B Corporations. This is a definition from a website about them: 

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good. 

All this, and more, helps to keep me moving, changing, growing, and hopefully putting my love out into the world. I try to do my own small acts of kindness to add to the substance of what is happening on the "light" side of things.


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Monday, January 21, 2019

I Really Like My Life

Every once in awhile the thought that I really like my life floats through my mind. "Sitting" with this thought for a bit makes me feel that yes, I really do despite all the craziness of the world, despite all the fear and hate that is being generated. I sometimes start listing what I like about my life-- I suppose a kind of gratitude list.

So, here goes, some of the things I like about my life: 

I like my family and friends (and love many of them).

I like where I live, beautiful Vermont, in the area known as the Upper Valley encompassing Vermont and New Hampshire straddling the Connecticut River.

I like many of the people I have met here.

I like that there are so many interesting things to do. 

I like (no love) the work that I do, that it helps people find their way, helps them find or stay on their paths.

I like that I was able to create, along with my book designer and photographer, a beautiful book. 

I like that I am able to communicate daily with my angels and guides, to have their guidance and wisdom.

I like that I am able to take care of myself, and that I am able to get myself out of bed in the morning and put myself to bed at night. 

I like that there are many good "regular" and "alternative" health care practitioners that I can access to take care of my health.

I like that there are so many food cooperatives in VT and NH. And, one of the yarn companies in VT (Green Mountain Spinnery) is a cooperative. Don't know how many other companies in the area are cooperatives.

I like that so many creatives live here crafting everything from food, to tinctures and salves, to art. 

I most likely could go on for quiet some time about what I like about my life and where I live. 

What do you like?


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Monday, January 7, 2019

Energetic Roots

Meditations often ask us to imagine energetic roots growing deep into mother earth. In fact, someone I consulted that I do a short walking meditation each morning that involves seeing my energetic roots growing into the core of mother earth to send the golden healing light moving down through me into the earth and the healing earth energy moving upwards into the universe above me. I imagine the 2 energies communicating to each other as well as to me. 

I once read that trees (and I imagine all plants) communicate with each other through their roots. I think that, if trees and other plants communicate with each other through their root systems, then it is surely possible that we communicate through our energetic root systems to other people and, what the heck, to animals and plants. 

Assuming this is true, is this part of the reason that, on the most basic of levels, there is no barrier, that everything flows through? I think that this is certainly something to contemplate.

What do you think? 


The first photograph is by George Alexandru Novac. The second is by Pinkasem Muisri. I found both on The third is from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be.

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Showing Vulnerability is Hard for Me

I thought it would be good to make a confession on the last day of the year. Talking about myself on my blog is hard for me. I am an introvert, although I ended up being in extrovert professions, first as a lawyer and now as a psychic and life coach. It means putting myself out there in the world. Just what this meditation image is about, being out in the world, living my heart in the world, living openly. When I would much rather be silent about myself when I have this thought that oh no, people won't want to hire me for readings and life coaching if I talk about my foibles and failures. There is the counter thought that it will help people feel comfortable working with me if I show myself and they know that I understand what they are going through. 

I have moved, changed jobs and professions a number of times. I have suffered grief through the loss of parents and relationships. I suppose by entering my deepest self and acknowledging what I have learned and felt, I am better able to my clients. I do have experience and, hopefully  through that, some wisdom to share with others. 
I don't just want to be someone who pontificates on my blog, which I think could become off putting for some readers. 

I hope that we all have the wisdom to see what's inside and to live it in the world. 


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