Monday, April 30, 2018

The Blessings of Sameness

Walt Whitman wrote "I sing the song of myself." I guess that I might be singing the song of my life in a way by writing this post. 

I often think about how I am doing much the same thing at the same time on the same day. I suppose I could look at it as dull, as a routine (and frankly I do sometimes). But, I try to see having sameness in my life as a blessing. I see it this way - or try to - because I have the space, the ability to have sameness in my life. 

I am not looking over my shoulder for the next horrific thing to happen to me. I have a home, a car, hot and cold running water, food, clothes, family, and friends. I can read, write, type, hear, see, sing, and laugh. I can live my heart out in the world. I can have opinions. I was blessed with parents who wanted me to have an education and think for myself, although I'm sure that there times that they wished I agreed with them rather than going my own way. 

May everyone have the blessing of sameness in their lives. May we all grant everyone to have this ability.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

May You Never...

There will be no photographs with this post as I'm not sure I could find appropriate ones. 

I hope that you may never: 

Live in a war zone and have to choose to stay with the danger of the war or choose to flee your home, if that is even a choice for  you.

Face anger and hate if you do and can flee your home.

Be abused or harmed on any level - physically, emotionally, psychically.

Be an abuser or someone who harms other. 

Face hunger and thirst.

Be someone who truly doesn't have enough.

Be someone who thinks that they don't have enough and becomes a hoarder. 

Be someone who sees others as an enemy. 

Be someone who sees no possibility in life for love, for hope, for joy.

I think that I could l probably go on for sometime about what I hope you may never face, or that anyone anywhere should have to face, but I think I will stop before I possibly depress myself. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Stepping Outside my Boundaries - Again

Yes, it's good to have appropriate boundaries. Having them means taking care of yourself. But, and this is a big but I think, boundaries can hem you in, keep you from growing and expanding. 

I have written before about being an introvert who has ended up in extrovert professions. It is quite easy for me to throw up a boundary and say no to something. 

It's a good thing that I have friends who can push me a bit so that I can become open to things. I saw an email on a local listserv from the Center for Transformational Practice. The CTP is having its annual Summerfest and was putting out a call for applications for participating in the fest. I am used to working psychic fairs, being a guest on local cable TV shows and Internet radio shows. So, this was not outside my comfort zone.

I contacted my friend who designed the book to suggest that we apply to be part of the fest to put the book out there, do some sample meditations, and the like. She looked at me when we got together for tea and told me that she thought I should do a poetry reading. My instant thought was no. I immediately threw up a mental barrier between myself and the possibility of doing a reading. Oh nooooooo. That felt as if I would be exposing myself too much.

But, I let the thought become a seed. I let it plant itself inside my mind. I let it grow roots down into my heart where the edge between me and the universe is very thin, where there really is no boundary between me and what is possible. Lo and behold, I put doing a poetry reading in the application for the fest. I made a list of poems to read, even though we will not know until next month if we are accepted for the fest which isn't until the end of July. 

I also realized at some point that, when I started this blog, I was reluctant to reveal anything about myself. I have now stepped outside that boundary and am writing more about me and not using just the good old third person writing style. It's interesting what can change when I decide to step outside my self-imposed boundaries. 

Again, boundaries can be useful, especially when we put them into place to protect ourselves from harm. But, how much do we miss when we have limitations that bind us, that keep us from trying new things? What amazing things can happen when we step over the fence or through the gate?

The first four images are from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be (here). The fifth image is by Matthew Smith and was found on 

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Lying Down on the Job

I have started meditating lying down. I started this when I decided I wanted to use what some people call a crystal grid while I meditated. This involved selecting particular crystals and stones and placing them on my body. I was working on releasing some energy that had become stuck in certain place in my body. I decided that I like doing this especially as I can place a cloth over my eyes to meditate with it. It is easier for me to see images that may come to me during meditation if it is dark. I confess that the other thing I like about this is I can be covered up and, in some sense, cocoon while I meditate. I don't know that this will be permanent, but it works for me for now. 

What other time is it good to lie down on the job? (I will also confess that I looked up whether I should be using lying/lie or laying/lay -- English can be confusing at times even for native speakers.) I think a good time to lie down on the job is when I'm stressed, tired and just need to slow down. Breathing might come more easily that way. It will also slow me down if I can remember to do this rather than running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  

Lying down on the job might be a good thing when I need to center myself. I could do centering prayer or just not think about much at all. Lying down on the job could be the thing to do when I want to connect more with nature, with the sun, the earth, the sky. I suppose it should be when I am lying down purposefully and not just being lazy. 

And, I suppose most of all, lying down on the job could be useful and effective when I want to connect with the One, or as the meditation saying in the image to the right says, when I want to rest my mind in the One. 

I hope you find the times that lying down on the job works for you. 

The first image is by Johannes Plenio, the third is by Adam Cao and both were found on The second and fourth images are from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be (here). I will be glad to help you if you would like some help on your journey, either through Channeled Angel Readings or Life Coaching (here).

Monday, April 2, 2018

What Happens When I Fail to Invite Muse to Sit with Me

I think it is good for me to have a regular practice of sitting down once a week and blogging (and occasionally more than that). But, this practice requires that I invite muse to pull up a chair and help me figure out what I want to say each week. I had a bit of a struggle making that invitation this morning. So, I paid some bills, updated Quickbooks, filed away the documentation for my March income. So, I guess muse said so why not talk about what happens when you fail to invite me to show up.

Because muse can hang around as much as much as muse wants, but it doesn't help me if I don't open myself up to her (I like to think of my muse as female since I am female). Sometimes I think of her as a word witch, a being who conjures up words for me.

Muse has also helped me knit, make collages and bead bracelets and necklaces. The truth, however, is that, except for writing and some knitting, I seem to have stopped inviting muse in for a chat, for inspiration. The writing seems lately to focus mostly on the blog. I have stopped writing poems inspired by the meditation images in my book. Let alone poems in general.

There are times that muse sneaks up on me to provide the needed spark if I have my barriers down. A poem came to me fully written once in the middle of the night. Another came to me just as I was going to sleep. Then there are the novel plot lines that show up, even though I swear I will never write a novel. I have written about this before here and here.

So, what happens is that I find other things to do, ignore the fact that muse is sitting right next to me, probably sighing or holding her head in her hands. I suppose it's up to me to figure out why I've somehow decided to limit the inspiration that muse can give me, how to get out of my own way. It's good to have boundaries to protect myself, but this borders on the ridiculous if it's not outright so.

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