Monday, July 31, 2017

Perception is Everything

Is this door opening, or is it closing? 

It all depends on how you perceive it, doesn't it. And, yes, there are things in life besides perception such as food, water, housing, work, and the like. What I mean when I say perception is everything is that it is everything in relation to how we see the world. If our perception is fear based, then we distrust, we think we will never have enough of anything. We may very well think that things must never change, and most of the people around us are out to take things away from us or to "get us." We can become greedy out of fear.

If we perceive things with an open heart, from a place of love, then most likely we will trust, we will work to create an inclusive community, and we will be open to change and transformation. We can see a way forward, we see the beauty around us. We can relax, breathe, and let go of what is holding us back. 

Someone being interviewed by Krista Tippet on her show, On Being, said that, as I recall, perception can destroy us or it can create us. This immediately resonated with me. Change your perception, change the story you tell yourself about yourself, others and the world. And, if you are having trouble changing your perception, it just might work to change the story that you tell to help you change your perception. Changing the story is something I work with clients on. I've seen it work. I've spent time doing this myself. 

I want perception to create me, not destroy me. I want this for everyone. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Embracing the Mystery

I am part of a women's circle, and in the course of our most recent meeting the phrase embracing the mystery was used. I did say that I might take the phrase to use as a blog post title (and starting point). This picture does evoke for me the idea of just embracing the mystery, because the fog obscures what is up ahead, thus one could be driving into a mystery. 

Seemingly, much of life can be driving into the fog--going forward without clearly knowing what is up ahead, yet you just keep going. A job ends, for example, and you move forward into the next one or find consulting work or start a business. You will not know, in any of these cases, with complete certainty what the end result is. You can choose to move along this path joyfully, or you can choose to move forward with fear and dread. Seems to me that I would prefer, if I can manage it, to move forward with joy as I feel that fear and dread will hamper me in my efforts. The trick, I suppose is allowing myself to feel the joy. 

I think that it is, in part at least, living in hope and from the heart. My tag line on my emails used to be this: "Live in Hope. Live from the Heart." I changed it to "Open your Heart -- Blossom in the World" to be a bit more in line with my book (here); however, I believe the sense is the same.  Meditation number 25 in the book is about the quantum universe, and how I think that contemplating the quantum allows for the mysterious to exist while holding out the possibility for miracles. We just need a different perspective sometimes. And, possible a different definition for what is mysterious and miraculous. 

Will you come along with me on the journey of embracing the mystery? I can use the company.

(Both photos were found on the website

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Blessing Outside My Comfort Zone

I was listening to the radio yesterday and one of the guests on one of the shows I listened to talked about the blessing outside a comfort zone. What an interesting thought. I spent some time pondering this. 

I will say upfront that I am introvert, although I somehow stumbled into professions that required me to behave as an extorvert. I practiced law for about 27 years. I am now a life coach, an intuitive and an author. I somewhat regulary appear on radio shows and a local cable show in Manchester, NH. 

I know that I was not comfortable at the beginning stages of any of these at having to put myself "out there." Interestingly, I think my court room experience, such as it was, including 3 or 4 appearances in Appellate Court, made it a bit easier to be a guest on shows. If I could face up to other lawyers and judges, well I can look into a camera without falling apart. 

By moving physical locations and changing what I do for professions has meant moving outside my comfort zone, moving through whatever mental limitations or wall that I have built. It has meant playing at that fuzzy place where there is no edge between me and the universe, but yet where there is an edge. Sometimes running back behind the edge, sometimes dipping a toe or a whole foot through the gate in the wall. 

I would have remained miserable if I had stayed longer in the last full time job that I had. I would not know many of the people I now know and cherish if I had not moved to Massachusetts and then Vermont.

I may very well have not written my book. I most likely would not have delved as deeply into the metaphysical side of my life. I have a number of cherished clients that I would not have come in contact with and helped. 

All of this most likely would not have happened if I had not stepped outside my comfort zone. It has been scary at times, but overall has been a blessing. I hope that you can find the blessing outside your comfort zone. 

The top picture is one I took at Dun Aengus on Inis Mor, Ireland in 2004. The others are meditation images from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be (here).

Monday, July 3, 2017

Celebrate Anyway

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July here in the US, however many people may not feel like celebrating. I say celebrate anyway. Many institutions are still operating under the law and ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Many people are saying no, what the current administration wants is not what I want, and are making themselves heard. 

Yet, on an even more basic level, there are reasons to celebrate the US, for example, the shear beauty of the country. The talent of the people who live here that flourishes under many, many trying circumstances. 

We can celebrate love, community, laughter, caring, and thoughtfulness. We just need to breathe and look at things with the perspective that allows us to see through into the heart of things, into our hearts and know that a different way of being than what is being proposed exists. 

So, go out and celebrate in your own way. 

Note: the photo is by Lori M. Sousa. I found it on