Let it Go, I Say to Myself

     I know that moving my marketing of my services more to YouTube and onto Instagram would be a real boost to my marketing. But, I find I have resistance to social media, specifically the time I have to spend to learn to navigate it, post on it, respond to comments. I would, in my ideal world, just want my clients to show up.
     I struggled with creating a website. I muttered a lot to myself about putting up both Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Should I? Shouldn't I? I didn't really want to have any of these. I have, however, had clients from Chicago and England find me online. I had a client from Germany for awhile because I was a guest on a internet radio show that she listened to. (I had to let her go as a client for reasons I won't discuss here.)
      Now it is apparent that YouTube and Instagram are the places to be. I, with the help of my friend and marketing person, am slowly creating a YouTube channel. I am resisting buying a basic cell phone video kit because I want less stuff in my life not more. I do know that it would be good to learn to create my own videos. I would need a video editing program, which means learning to use it. I have studied a little bit about Instagram, but, oh will I get it right? See fear underlies some of this.
     I am working on letting go of the resistances I have in my mind. Slowly but surely it will happen, and one day I'll say that this is the day to buy the equipment. That this is the day to create the Instagram account. But, until then I keep saying LET IT GO.....
I found this photograph by Christopher Beloch on unsplash.com. Please click here if you would like to know more about me and my services.