I Really Like My Life

Every once in awhile the thought that I really like my life floats through my mind. "Sitting" with this thought for a bit makes me feel that yes, I really do despite all the craziness of the world, despite all the fear and hate that is being generated. I sometimes start listing what I like about my life-- I suppose a kind of gratitude list.

So, here goes, some of the things I like about my life: 

I like my family and friends (and love many of them).

I like where I live, beautiful Vermont, in the area known as the Upper Valley encompassing Vermont and New Hampshire straddling the Connecticut River.

I like many of the people I have met here.

I like that there are so many interesting things to do. 

I like (no love) the work that I do, that it helps people find their way, helps them find or stay on their paths.

I like that I was able to create, along with my book designer and photographer, a beautiful book. 

I like that I am able to communicate daily with my angels and guides, to have their guidance and wisdom.

I like that I am able to take care of myself, and that I am able to get myself out of bed in the morning and put myself to bed at night. 

I like that there are many good "regular" and "alternative" health care practitioners that I can access to take care of my health.

I like that there are so many food cooperatives in VT and NH. And, one of the yarn companies in VT (Green Mountain Spinnery) is a cooperative. Don't know how many other companies in the area are cooperatives.

I like that so many creatives live here crafting everything from food, to tinctures and salves, to art. 

I most likely could go on for quiet some time about what I like about my life and where I live. 

What do you like?


The photographs are by Marco Secchi and Devin Avery. I found them on unsplash.com

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