A Line in the Psychic Sand (so to speak)

Clients want guidance for all sorts of situations: moving, changing jobs, romance, health (I do my best to tell them to check with health practitioner), changing professions, and so on. But I recently refused to even open up to guidance about a question that a client asked. She asked how long she is going to live. I immediately said I don't ask for the answer to that question. I suppose I could have just said that she'll have all the days that she's supposed to have. I don't want to have a client continually looking over his or her shoulder. I want them to live their lives fully, doing what is necessary to take care of themselves.
     I suppose the closest I have come, in a way, to answering that question was for a somewhat older client when I was working in a store in Rockport, MA (Dark Star Philosophia if you ever visit the town). It occasionally happens that I am not supposed to be the reader for someone or for who knows what reason I receive no guidance for the client. Nada, zip, nothing. It happened with this woman. She came back to the store because she was frightened that this meant that she was going to die soon. It seems I hadn't explained the situation to her clearly enough. I told her again that all this meant was that I wasn't the reader for her, and that it didn't meant that she was going to die soon. She left much relieved.
     I have been asked about someone's parents and how much time that they have. The parents are usually quite elderly, and I believe I've been given a range of time because the client already knows that their loved one(s) is/are on the end of life journey. But the information I'm given is never specific -- usually just a range of time or that they are moving towards the end of their life. Often it comes through that the client, if possible, needs to spend as much time as possible with the parent(s).
     I am now wondering if I should look at the question about how much time a parent has left differently. It is most likely something I should talk to my angels and guides about. They do know when someone's soul doesn't want information given or when the client doesn't need to know the information. So, maybe that's the answer to the discussion about the question about amount of time left for a parent. They won't give it if it's not something the client should know or the parent's soul doesn't want told. But certainly something to contemplate.

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