Nature is All Around Us

     Nature is  all around us. Sometimes I have to remind myself as I can be too much in my head. Oh right. Those are birds I hear singing, the wind/breeze I hear blowing. I look out my windows on the west side of my condo and I see a mountain. I see a very small grove of trees out the east windows. I take a short cut from the condo property and can walk a man made path surrounded by wild flowers and grasses.
     I can sit and breathe the air that I live in. The air, the sun, the earth underneath me is all part of nature. It is really easy to forget that I exist in nature and think only of myself or of human things. It's easy to forget that humans are part of nature. We humans have set up a dichotomy I think. It's all human civilization or nature. We too easily forget that we are part of nature, that what we do affects nature.
      The earth has been here far longer than humans and will be here long after us if we manage to kill ourselves off. I know, not a cheery thought. Mother earth will regenerate herself until there is no more sun. That, however, is eons of time from now. This is my latest poem, and it's about the earth:

The earth spins.
Sunrise continuously unfurls
Pulling Sunset eventually
After it -- respite of
light in between.

© 2020 Kathryn L. Samuelson

     Stay safe and be well my friends.

I took the first photograph. I found the NASA photograph on
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