Mother Nature Still Creates Beauty

     I believe that the earth and nature have an energy each. I suppose it's similar to the Gaia philosophy that the earth is a living being. It's hard to say that this can't be true if you tune in deeply to things around you.
     I am fortunate to currently live in Vermont. I was out walking the loop road on the condo property I live at. I can see lots of trees and a mountain when I walk the loop road. I saw tiny pine cones on one tree. I saw a tree starting to bud when I was walking the other day. The sky is a brilliant, almost cloudless blue today.  
    The thought came to me while I was walking that both Mother Earth and Mother Nature are still creating beauty and life while we are slowing down and hunkering down. I prefer to do the former and not the latter if I can. They can heal themselves if we give them a chance. Just look at the images of the pollution over China prior to the virus and the lack of pollution over it after the virus and the stay at home orders. We just need to give them a chance.
     So, go outside if you can and notice the beauty.

The first image is by Enrique Meseguer. I found it on The second image is from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. Please click here if you would like more information about me, my services and my book.