Into the Well of Silence

True, this is not really a well, but it is an image that I think illustrates that deep well inside each of us. We can enter into this well of silence with persistence and work, with desire to connect with it. It is a place of beauty, and often bliss and joy. It is that quiet place within where dreams live and are nurtured. It is that quiet place within where we can talk to our spirits, our souls. And, yes we can talk to or rather more likely listen to what the metaphysical, the mystical has to teach us.
    It strikes me that, when we are rushing about when life is "normal", we have less time to slip into that deep well of silence that exists in each of us. It is a time that we can see whether we want to return to the old "normal" or whether we want to create a new way of living our lives. The current situation gives us time to "dip our toes" into that water that nourishes our souls and spirits. Each of us most likely has a different way of reaching the depths of our wells. So, I'm not going to give you a prescription of how to do this. My suspicion is that everyone's "staircase" inwards has a different architecture. I am still working on mine. I hope to find more mentors to help me see the entry way and the path inwards. They can only suggest and hold my hand while I dive in. Hopefully, the self-isolation will be over fairly soon, we can all take a deep breath and move into the next phase.
     Stay safe and be well.
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