Cracking Apart? Cracking Open?

I was talking to my angels and guides this morning as I do most mornings. I don't spend much time talking with them about the current situation as so much revolves around COVID-19 right now. This morning, however, they said that while humans are looking at things right now as cracking apart, they would rather that we look at things as cracking open. Despite everything (or maybe rather because of it), joy, compassion, kindness, and community are breaking out everywhere. People are stepping up to help neighbors, to help businesses stay afloat, to make sure people have food and medicine.
     Maybe we can see our way to continue this into the future when things are open again. Maybe we can take the ingredients of the old "normal" that work well and mix them with the new point of view that seems to be emerging from this chaos. The book, Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, said that evolution comes out of chaos. They hypothesized that the next evolution would again come out of chaos, and that it would be a spiritual evolution. This might be that time of chaos. Maybe we can "bake a new cake" from all this.
A pair of meditation sayings that came through for my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be, dealt with love. The second one was "You are the one called to Love." This certainly seems to be a time that especially calls us to love. Love the world enough to sacrifice a bit, to put others first rather than the I come first attitude that seem to be so rife with modern capitalism. Maybe a time is coming when everyone will be assured of a basic income so that no one has to worry about affording a place to live and being able to eat. It occurred to me that, if that were true at this moment, people would be facing the current situation without panic and fear.
   And, being called to love means loving ourselves. At least I think so.

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