Love in a Time of Chaos, Part 2

     I thought about posting a picture of something chaotic and then changed my mind. I don't want to create more chaos as I think that chaotic images can most likely bring chaos into my mind, let alone probably other people's minds.
     I did write about love in a time of chaos previously, but we still seem to be in chaos. Or rather again? Something new to fear has come along. I'm not saying don't be cautious and take care of yourself, but I believe that fear and hoarding don't help. I've read that fear causes stress and stress adversely affects the immune system. Not what anyone needs right now, a further weakened immune system.
     It's my belief that practicing love and compassion can have the opposite effect. They can bring calm and an increase in the ability of the immune system to fight off infection. Love and compassion for myself means that I take care of myself and, if at all possible, help my friends and neighbors. Taking care of myself means slowing down, not running frantically around and letting my mind get out of control. I confess to having moments of my mind being a bit swirly. This morning I did a list of things I'm grateful for during meditation because, as much as I am practicing calmness, I do have my moments.
So, finally this advice from my angels and guides: "Breathe deeply, breathe slowly. You can breathe through anything." Breathing deeply can help us practice calmness, love, compassion, and can lead to clarity in thinking.

The images, in order, are by Briggitte Tohm, Andrik Langfeld Petrides, and from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. I found the first 2 on Please click here if you would like more information about me, my services and my book.