Navigating between Spirit and Wisdom

     I once asked my angels and guides what our spirits are. They told me that our spirits are the love that we hold in our soul that we then put out in the world. I suppose it could be also said that our spirits are what we present ourselves as.
      I've been told that the Holy Spirit is the love of the creators out in the world. (I believe that the universe required both a male and female creator to bring it into being.) It wants us to live heartfully out in the world, to bring ourselves fully to what we do, and to have compassion for others as well as ourselves. It means an active part for us in life.
     Wisdom comes to us with experience, work and thoughtfulness. It can arise from our hearts, our guts. I comes from prayer and meditation. This most likely why Holy Wisdom wants us to enter into our deepest selves so that we can hear what it has to tell us. Holy Wisdom is an emanation of the creators, i.e., it comes from them as a gift to us.
      The question, then, is how do we navigate between the two? Spending all our time in meditation means that we have little or no time to act. However, spending all our time presenting our spirit to the world through action means little or no time to go deep within. As with many things in life, it means finding a balance that makes sense to us.
      Or at least I believe so.
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