Words, Words, Words -- Magic?

So much of my work life is words, words, words. I talk to clients. I write blog posts. I have two books that I'm working on sporadically. I create posts on canva.com for posting on LinkedIn and Facebook. Words seem to surround me sometimes. Ideas for stories that I don't ever intend to write show up--spooling words through my head. Then there are poems that show up as well.

Where do all these words lead? What effect do they have? Words can be neutral, harmful or beneficial. I used the word magic in the title of this post because I recently read Pam Grossman's Waking the Witch and have dipped into Briana Saussy's Making Magic. I had the thought that I want words to be my magic while flipping through the later. I suddenly had an image of words flowing through me and around me. I hope that the magic of my words will help people find their way, will be healing and supportive.

I hope that my words can have a synergistic effect, being more together than separate. I hope for an alchemy caused by the words I write and speak as they spiral out into the world. I hope to plant a seed of change and hope that people can water and nurture.

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The first photograph is by Raphael Schaller, the second by Johanne Plenio and the third by Artem Maltsey. I found all of them on unsplash.com

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