Humanity is my Business

I recently decided to create an intention for my work which I had not done before. My intention for my work is about bringing healing to myself, others and the world. In other words, humanity is at the core of my business. The following is a post that I wrote August 14, 2017. It seems appropriate to post it again during the Christmas season.

"Scrooge comments to Marley's ghost that he had been a good businessman. Marley then says: "Business! Humanity was my business! Common welfare was my business. Mercy. Kindness. These were all my business...."

I'm not sure why Scrooge and Marley popped into my head this morning. I did ask for my angels and guides to help me come up with an idea for my weekly blog post, so possibly that is where this idea came from. 

Possibly because mercy and kindness seem to be in short supply, at least if all you pay attention to is the news. Because, well the news tends not to report on mercy and kindness as a counter balance to the stuff the news regularly reports. And, maybe because the idea of mercy and kindness doesn't seem to be occurring to the current US administration or whatever governmental body you might think of. Or in groups such as ISIS or Boko Haram. (I now add white Aryan groups or neo-Nazis. Not sure why I didn't think to include them before - probably overly influenced by the regular news of the time. Maybe, unfortunately, the racism every white person in America grows up with no matter how much we reject it.)

Yet, I know deep in my heart that mercy and kindness are an everyday occurrence. 

Maybe we should all have t-shirts that say: "Business? Humanity is my business. Kindness and Mercy are my business." "

I can think of many small acts that we can do that possibly add up to create compassion, mercy and kindness. I hope to plant seeds whatever I do and where ever I go. Jon Katz on his blog, has been blogging recently about what he calls Circles of Love. I hope I am part of one. 

I found the Christmas Carol cover on Amazon. The other image is from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. Please click here if you would like to know more about me, my services and my book.


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