Flexibility is a Good Thing

 I have a tendency to plan out what I want to accomplish or do each day. It can become a bit of a rigid idea in my head, sometimes causing me to carp and moan to myself when I am unable to do things that I want to do or not do them in the order I want to do them. My plan was to do some work tasks this morning and then go grocery shopping. I took a good look at the weather app on my cell phone and thought uh oh. The prediction was for freezing rain starting at the time I wanted to go shopping. At some point in my life I would have stuck stubbornly to my plan hoping that I would drive to the store and home safely. Today, however, I flipped my schedule. I went shopping. I came home. Started lunch.
     I was just about to start recording a short piece for a podcast when the power went off. Uh oh. The script for the podcast was on the computer. Still no storm though. The power just went poof. I decided that I would do some exercise as I didn't need any electricity for that. Then the power came back on, but I decided to do the exercise and then the recording. I, of course, had to start over a few times. Wheh that was done.
     Finally I was able to write a draft for one of the sample meditation videos that my book designer and I are working on. And, now my blog post.
      All because I am learning to be flexible. Yet, at the same time the mental planning I did came in handy as I was able to go through the list I created and cross things off the list. So, just as being flexible is important to me, planning a "road map" of my day is also helpful to me. This way I don't feel as if I am floundering through my life. Planning my day gives me some focus, and it helps me make some progress. But figuring out how I can change things around to fit the circumstances of  the day makes sure that I can actually do the things on my list.

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