Meditation: Does the Tradition it Comes from Matter?

     I was an exhibitor at a local alternative health and wellness here in the Upper Valley area (so called upper valley of the Connecticut River encompassing New Hampshire and Vermont). I was there to talk about my services as a psychic and life coach, hand out literature, and acquaint people with my book.
     One person came by and asked me what tradition my book was out of (or was it from). I said it was channeled from my angels and guides. She gave me an odd look, said "oh" and walked away. Hmm. Coming from the universe wasn't good enough.
     The truth is, as I see it, there is a spectrum of prayer, contemplation
and meditation. I read a book about christian based meditation. The author kept saying that christian meditation was different from other forms of meditation, but nothing she said convinced me that it was really different. She was just putting a different label on it. I suppose that way it would be acceptable to Christians who wouldn't even consider trying something from the Buddhist or Hindu traditions.
     It is my understanding that most or almost all religious traditions have some form of prayer, contemplation and/or meditation. I don't think the universe, god, goddess, angels, guides or whoever someone works with really cares what it's called or what tradition, if any, someone works with. My angels and guides didn't tell me that the book they gifted me with was from a particular tradition or that I need to market to only a particular segment of the meditation world.
     Sally Kempton wrote in here book, Meditation for the Love of It, that everyone has a different gateway into meditation, and, that this gateway can change over time. That is more my view of things. If you want to practice Zen, well then practice Zen. If you want to use Christian contemplation or use the Kabbalah, then go for it. I believe that the benefits are the same in the long run, even if you are creating your meditation practice up out of your own imagination.

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