How My Book Came to Be

I know I did a relatively long post about my adventures in publishing, but thought I would post a much shorter blog about how my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be, came into existence. I know that other post might have been much more than some of you want to read. So here's the story.

I used to live in a suburb of Boston where I would see a massage/reiki therapist. She was quite intuitive, and we would share any messages we each received during the massage or reiki session. She announced to me one day that she believed that I was to create a set of angel cards. My initial reaction was "Crap. Another thing to do." My second reaction was that I would need an artist. 

I started playing around with images and card size. I started channeling the sayings to go on the cards. I'm not sure at what point I started receiving/writing the text that was to be in the accompanying book. But that did start to happen as well. I also spoke to a channeled being that I would consult from time to time. With his help, the card set became a set of meditation cards which were paired into 28 pairs of seeming opposites.

During all of this, I asked my angels and guides what images should be used for the backgrounds. They designated rose, water lily, loose strife, honeysuckle berries, and chicory.

I initially thought a friend of mine would be the artist, but had not talked to her about this. Which was probably a good thing as the universe had something else in mind. I re-met the friend who would become my book designer about 2 months after my conversation with my massage/reiki therapist.

We started the design process, and at the appropriate time created a query letter and submission package. Sigh. We went through about every publisher who didn't require that you have an agent. Then we started approaching agents. I finally paid an agent to comment on the query letter and submission package. I approached my friend about redesigning the cards and accompanying book into a book including exercises as well as the images and accompanying text after reviewing the agent's comments.

Then began the process of finding a self-publishing company.

And, now the book is out in the world. I hope you like the concept of the book and want to bring a copy into your life.

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