Am I in Late Summer or Early Fall?

     A friend once told me that he'd read that meteorological seasons start at the beginning of the month and not when astrological seasons. If true, it means that we are in early fall in the Northern Hemisphere. We are, however, in late summer if we go by astrological seasons.
     I was walking in the park recently. It is rife with golden rod and other late summer/early fall vegetation. Leaves have started to turn color on some trees and shrubs, but many of them are fully green still.
     It got me to thinking about my own passing seasons. For those of you who have seen my head shot, it was taken at least 10 years ago. I have, basically my whole adult life, looked younger than I am. People often think I'm in my late 50s. Nope. I am 68 turning 69 on my next birthday. So, what season am I?
     A blogger I read basically every day occasionally seem to say that he is old at 72. That's only 3 to 4 years older than I am. I refuse to think of myself as old. I imagine I will refuse to think of myself as old at 72. I have a cousin who just retired at 78, and she's volunteering and planning on travel. What season is she? Certainly nowhere near to winter.
    I'd like to think that I am in the late summer of my life and not into fall yet.

I took this photograph in my local park on a late summer day.
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