Living with Angels

This is one of many representations of angels. The interesting thing about my work with angels and guides is that I generally don't see them. I do occasionally see one in a dream or in meditation. My mode of contact is through automatic writing, although I "hear" them once in awhile without the automatic writing. One of the more memorable times is the time I was kvetching to myself one day about doing laundry. They suddenly broke through and I "heard" in my mind "It's not so bad having do do laundry." I responded something to the effect of how would they know, they don't ever have to do it. On reflection, I realized that what they were really saying is that I was fit and able to do laundry, so it's not so bad is it?

It felt somewhat spooky at times at first realizing that the angels and guides who hang out with me (I suppose we could say "my angels and guides") are around all the time. And I mean all the time, day and night 24/7. I sometimes say to them, could you please go into another room just because I feel, for some reason at that moment, I'd like a bit more privacy.

On the other hand, it is lovely to hang out with angels and guides. They provided me the impetus and information for my book.

I can ask for help. I can ask if I should take someone as a client or work an event. I can ask if the weather will hold for me to do errands or should I take a walk in the morning or the afternoon. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't make my life regimented. It is, rather, an added benefit to receive advice from them and to be able to provide their advice and guidance to others. 

I have been doing this long enough that this is my normal. It no longer feels odd. I used to regularly ask myself "Why me?" when I started this work. At some point I switched to "Why not me?" and stopped feeling odd about it all. 

Connecting to the universe and the divine in any way that it works for you is something I think people should strive for. It is a blessing.

The first photograph is y Gavin Allenwood and the 2nd by Fernando Venzano. The 3rd is the cover of my book.
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