Living in Half Light

The condo I live in Vermont doesn't have air conditioning. It's my thought that Vermont summers didn't use to have quite as many really hot and humid days, so people didn't build homes with air conditioning. I have learned that when it's really hot and humid to keep the windows closed as well as the curtains to keep it cooler and somewhat less humid. I also have 2 dehumidifiers which help. The issue is that this means that I feel as if I'm living in half light instead of full light. It does get tiresome to not have more light.

If I'm lucky, the heat and humidity will break after a few days. Which means I'm more inclined to be outside walking at the park where I like to walk. Living in half light makes me feel more inclined to not accomplish much, to just mess about. 

I have thought that there may be other ways that I am, metaphorically speaking, living in half light at times in my life--when I am, e.g., in denial about something, refusing to face something, not wanting to use the clearest vision about something. I would bet that this happens to everyone. I was in denial about all the weight I put on through grief and stress. Just didn't want to really see it. (Thank goodness I have lost all but 6 pounds of the weight I put on and am still working on it.) 

Another time when I was not facing things was when I was needy about having to be in a relationship. He wasn't physically abusive thank god, but he wasn't always the nicest to me. Even someone who thinks of herself as strong can have weaknesses that allows her to be at least border line emotionally abused if not just over that border. Thank goodness I figured out that he wasn't someone I wanted to continue to be in relationship with. 

I suppose I could find other instances of living in metaphoric half light. I would rather, however, let go of all of those times, take the lessons I've learned and moved into living in full light.  


The first photograph was taken by Tu Nguyen, the second by Daniel Von Appen, and the third by Daniel Burka. I found all of them on

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