Into the Silence - Action is the Counterpart to Breath

The work on my book is, admittedly quite slow. The next section of the book is based on this meditation image from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. It is the companion image to what I previously posted on the blog. The book's meditation images are all in pairs and are seeming dualities. Life is often not either/or but rather both. Figuring out how to navigate this is one of life's tasks it seems. This is the next section: 

Action is the counterpart to breath. Be in the world.

We can sit and breathe mindfully, calmly all day long. But that could mean that we are sitting all day breathing without doing anything else. Sitting around all day, however, most likely means that we will accomplish next to nothing, let alone truly take care of ourselves. Yes, I know that sometimes the best thing that we can do is sit still and breathe—on the other hand we need to move, to be out in the world to balance the sitting around.

Much can come to us when we sit still and pay attention in a mindful, heartful way. Undertaking to achieve what we envision requires that we act. I agree to an extent with the Law of Attraction disciples. We do need to envision, to figure out what we want to happen. I disagree with those of them that believe that this will just occur on its own. I believe that we need to take steps, to move, to encourage our envisioning into being.

I also believe that it is only necessary to take a step at a time, to check one item off the to-do list toward bringing whatever it is into being. We need not (and probably cannot) do all the steps towards accomplishing whatever it is all in one day or one week. We should just do what we can when we can.

So, let’s go out and be in the world.


Call to Action

Breathing is not
the angels said.
          Action is the
counterpart to breath.
One must be in the world,
making the dreams, hopes, wishes
          solid, real.

Question: how do you breathe and act
         in the same moment?


The image is from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How Be

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