Finding a Happy Place

I have a place locally that I love to walk. It makes me happy to be there. It's known as Kilowatt Park North and is in Wilder, VT. It's part of the Town of Hartford, VT parks and recreation system. Today was a great day for walking there. 80 degrees, not overly humid and a lovely breeze. The picture at the left is a view from the park of the Connecticut River. Flowing water, a nice breeze, lots of trees and the like. It occurred to me that what really makes this a happy place for me is my attitude.

 The more at peace I am with myself and in myself, the happier I am when at the park. Yet, if I am grumpy, sad or down walking here can help a great deal. There is something about the spirit of this park that I connect to, or I suppose I could say I resonate with. It is a very natural area in a semi-urban place. A major medical center is across the river along with a well known college. The arts flourish in the Upper Valley as it is known--on both sides of the river. I am so lucky that this place is close, that I don't have to spend a long time driving to get to it. 

I suppose it's finding that spark that lives within that allows me to find my happy place, whether it's a place such as Kilowatt Park North or that place within in my where contentment and happiness dwell.


I took the first two photographs at Kilowatt Park North. The third is by J. Jerin and was found on

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