Walking More than I Thought

 I started out the spring walking about a mile in a nearby community as it was flat, and after 15 years in New England, I am still pretty much a flatlander. (Grew up in Central Illinois.) 

My angels and guides recently told me that they want me to walk a different route. I could have said no, but off I went. The picture at the left is a picture of part of the shortcut from my condo property to the nearby street.

I kept walking and walking. I even mumbled silently to myself about whether they were sure if they really wanted me to walk to where they wanted me to walk. Trudge, trudge, trudge. I am just not a fast walker. But I kept at it because it was what they suggested. Interestingly, I quickly became uninterested in walking in the nearby community after the first time out. Maybe because it was a different one than I had been walking? Maybe because it was a bit more challenging? 

I decided that it would be nice to know how many steps the walk is. A mile is, on average, 2,000 steps. I figure that my mile might be a bit more than that as I'm sure I don't have the longest stride around. I loaded up a pedometer app after finding out that the old fashioned ones are pretty much a thing of the past. I tried it out this morning. My current walking route is 4,220 steps - or 1.79 miles if my stride is the average. It gave me the calories burned, which I think are the same walking or running. The aerobic effect is different between the 2, just not the calories burned. Hmm.

And, there seems to be a path off this route that people have created. Maybe a short exploration is in order just to see. 

It's a good thing that I didn't know how much more the walk was, although I knew it was longer. I just might not have followed through with the task given me. No wonder I feel a bit tired after this walk. 

Now to remember to google New England wildflowers because, well, I just don't the names of very many. I'd like to know what to call the ones I'm seeing.