Childhood Memories

I was telling my sister about some things that I remember from childhood. She asked me if I write these things down. My answer was no, but I did write this poem about things I remember about summer nights in Champaign, IL in the 1950s and 1960s, probably mostly in the 50s.

Summer Nights


Just old enought to see out 
The car window rolled down
In the warmth of the 1950s summers.
Cicadas or crickets
Chirring away in the dark.

Pools created by the outdoor lights
Spilling into the farm yards
Illuminating the house, the grass
And maybe the barn if close by.


Mom put us in our pjs. We then
Went into the back seat of the car.
Daddy drove us to the Dairy Queen
Through the lingering light, windows
Rolled down because it was warm,
But not too hot.

Mom always went to the window to 
Give the order. I now think Daddy stayed
In the car to avoid talking to patients 
On his family time. Used to think it was a
Male/female division of labor thing.


Our town, at the time, had big globe
Street lights that cast a small pool of
Light on the sidewalk. Walking home 
After dark could be a bit scary moving 
From light to dark to light.

©2019 Kathryn Samuelson

I've been remembering things -- again. Maybe I'll write about them another time. 


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