Energetic Roots

Meditations often ask us to imagine energetic roots growing deep into mother earth. In fact, someone I consulted that I do a short walking meditation each morning that involves seeing my energetic roots growing into the core of mother earth to send the golden healing light moving down through me into the earth and the healing earth energy moving upwards into the universe above me. I imagine the 2 energies communicating to each other as well as to me. 

I once read that trees (and I imagine all plants) communicate with each other through their roots. I think that, if trees and other plants communicate with each other through their root systems, then it is surely possible that we communicate through our energetic root systems to other people and, what the heck, to animals and plants. 

Assuming this is true, is this part of the reason that, on the most basic of levels, there is no barrier, that everything flows through? I think that this is certainly something to contemplate.

What do you think? 


The first photograph is by George Alexandru Novac. The second is by Pinkasem Muisri. I found both on unsplash.com. The third is from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be.

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