When I Go Beyond Fear

I think this image is a good one for when I am feeling fearful. Things seem dark and I don't want to look, although in someways I can't seem to keep myself from looking. It's as if my energetic wings fold in and surround me so that I have trouble moving forward. I wonder if this is a good description for fear for everyone.

Luckily, I am able more and more often to move through or go beyond fear. So many times in life, the things I have feared or worried about have not happened. I am able to take a leap of faith, just hold my breath and do what needs to be done. Going beyond fear allows me to do so much more, to be so much more, to connect so much more than when I am in a fear state.

Life has so much more color since I've decided that I don't want to live in state of fear. It has more laughter, more love. Tina Turner was one of the three women who created a CD called Beyond. She speaks these words towards the beginning of the CD:

"Go Beyond Fear.

Beyond fear takes you into the place where love grows, when you refuse to follow the impulses of fear, anger and revenge.

Beyond Means to Feel Yourself."

And, I clearly feel myself more, listen to my own thoughts and voice rather than that of fear having me assuming what others will say and do. I do still have my moments, but they aren't as strong and they tend to be shorter.

I wish everyone could move beyond fear. 


The first photograph is by Melanie Wasser and the second by Sammie Vasquez. 

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