Small Celebrations

I realized recently that being grateful for something is, in a way, a celebration. It can be a small yeah (verbalized or not) for something happening. It can be a celebration that I've lost a half pound. It's not much in the scheme of things, but I'd rather celebrate it than say oh, no I still have this many pounds to lose. Now I say only this many pounds to lose.

A small celebration can be something such as the fact that I have gone a month and half without buying chocolate every day, especially as it has been one of my main comfort foods since I was a child. Plus it saves me the cost of buying the chocolate. 

Or it can be that the treatment for my whiplash has progressed to the point that I don't need to see the chiropractor twice a week. In fact, I only need to see him about once month. Still having massage, acupuncture and physical therapy, but my car insurance medical provision is paying for the first 2 and my regular insurance is paying for the PT. I had a small celebration when I received the check reimbursing me for the acupuncture and chiropractic this summer. Woohoo!. And the car insurance will pay the chiropractic bill since I made the claim this fall. 

Yes, the world is chaotic. It's not that I am unrealistic about the state of the world, but I believe that I need to acknowledge things that are going well for me. It helps keep me from being depressed - which is no help to me or anyone else. 

I hope you find things to celebrate, big and small.


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