Movement: Be Present, Be Mindful, Live

It occurred to me after writing last week's blog, that I have written a poem for almost all of the meditation images in my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. I'm posting that ones that I have written for images that I posted last week - I suppose in an effort to round out last week's post about movement. Also because I realized I haven't posted much poetry lately. 

Call to Action

Breathing is not
the angels said. 
Action is the
         counterpart to breath.
One must be in the world,
making the dreams, hopes, wishes
          solid, real.

Question: how do you breathe and act
         in the same moment?

© 2018 Kathryn L. Samuelson

Live in Your Blood and Bones

Feet connecting
to the ground,
bones stacking
up on top of 
bones. Creating
a lattice work
for blood, muscle
to exist.

Blood courses 
through bones, muscles,
organs, and skin.
Blood brings life 
and sustenance, making
it possible to stand, 
to connect

Be present.
Be mindful. 

© 2018 Kathryn L. Samuelson

The Song of Life

Pythagoras supposedly
theorized on the harmony of 
the spheres: the mathematical 
equations by which planets 
move creating a symphony. 
What if Pythagoras had it

What if all the electrons,
protons, and all other bits of atoms
orbiting the nucleus create
harmony, frequency, music?

Is it possible then, to find
our harmony, that harmony
made up of all the harmonies
of our too numerous to think about 

© 2018 Kathryn L. Samuelson

Dance Your Body through Life


Be connected.

© 2018 Kathryn L. Samuelson

Be Playful

Be playful 
the angels said.
Have fun, moments
of joy. Laugh. Dance.

Let the energy swirl
and carry you merrily 

© 2018 Kathryn L. Samuelson

May we all find the movement that helps us change, transform, and well, move onward.

The first image is again by Ahmad Odeh and found on All the other images are from my book (here).