Being Compassionate to Myself

I am trying to be more compassionate to myself, nurturing myself and taking care of things around me to create health and safety. Sometimes this butts up against my wanting to be more frugal. And, sometimes I have to breathe deeply and not be frugal, because it will cost more in the end or not be safe. 

I started thinking about this this morning because I have another issue with the car, which will cost money. I could just keep putting brake fluid in the car, but that's not wise and not safe. Yes, it means spending money, but in the long run it is so much better for me and for those around me when I drive.

Being compassionate to myself can also be about giving myself a break, about changing the story that I tell myself, and about changing the language I use about myself. It's about not beating up on myself, not judging myself, and opening the door in my heart. 

It can be about remembering to breathe through whatever is going on to keep myself from spiraling into fear and anxiety. Neither fear nor anxiety changes the situation. Moving through the situation and being kind to myself so that I can take whatever steps are necessary is the compassionate thing to do. 

I hope to then take the lessons of being compassionate to myself to being compassionate to others. 

The first and third photographs are from my book, Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be. (here) The second photo is by Fabian Moller found on (I apologize to Mr. Moller as I don't have the ability to do the diacritical mark across the O in his name.)